distilling herbs

distilling herbs

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Testing the inox still

Before the new INOX still could be used you have to carry out a normal waterdestillation for testing and cleaning the still.
The cooling bucket could be connected to the tap gardena fittings.I
 filled the kettle with 3 buckets (30 liters) hot tap water
The coupling between the boiler and the cooling bucket was screwed together.
And the lid edge of the boiler was sealed with aluminum tape.

The lid does not close off steam in the boiler, so sealing with tape is important!

After all these preparations  the gasburner under the boiler was being lit.
After more than 35 minutes the water in the kettle was boiling and the thermometer rose to 100 degrees Celsius. The first distillate dropped from the cooling bucket.
For controlling the temperature of the distillate in the steam distillation I bought a digital thermometer. This themometer has a minimum and maximum alarm limit you can set.
Allowing me to keep an better eye on the temperature.  I found out that the cooling bucket has a large cooling capacity. 
I will thave to ake this into account when I an going to proceed a steam distillation. The bucket must   be filled with tepid to warm water before I start distilling.
I had now for the first time the possibility to use an essencier, this is a sophisticated Florentine vase which can separate oil and hydrosol from each other.
This separation can be set continuous during the distillation. I expect that I can use  the essencier because the new still has enough capacity.
The test was successful! Now a can run a real steam distillation.

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